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Foundation and Empire 6. The Favorite

The small ships had showed up out of the empty profundities and shot into the middle of the Armada. Without a shot or an explosion of vitality, they weaved through the boat swollen territory, at that point impacted on and out, while the Imperial carts turned after them like blundering mammoths. There were two quiet flares that pinpointed space as two of the minuscule gnats wilted in nuclear breaking down, and the rest were no more. The incredible boats looked, at that point came back to their unique assignment, and world by world, the extraordinary snare of the Enclosure proceeded. Brodrig's uniform was impressive; painstakingly custom fitted and as deliberately worn. His stroll through the nurseries of the dark planet Wanda, presently impermanent Imperial base camp, was comfortable; his demeanor was solemn. Bel Riose strolled with him, his field uniform open at the neckline, and crestfallen in its dull dark. Riose demonstrated the smooth dark seat under the fragrant tree-greenery whose enormous spatulate leaves lifted straight against the white sun. â€Å"See that, sir. It is a relic of the Imperium. The ornamented seats, worked for darlings, wait on, new and helpful, while the plants and the royal residences breakdown into unremembered ruin.† He situated himself, while Cleon II's Privy Secretary stood erect before him and cut the leaves above perfectly with exact swings of his ivory staff. Riose folded his legs and offered a cigarette to the next. He fingered one himself as he spoke, â€Å"It is the thing that one would anticipate from the edified intelligence of His Imperial Majesty to send so able an onlooker as yourself. It eases any uneasiness I may have felt that the press of increasingly significant and progressively quick business may maybe constrain into the shadows a little crusade on the Periphery.† â€Å"The eyes of the Emperor are everywhere,† said Brodrig, precisely. â€Å"We don't belittle the significance of the battle; yet still no doubt too incredible an accentuation is being put upon its trouble. Doubtlessly their little ships are no such boundary that we should travel through the complex primer move of an Enclosure.† Riose flushed, however he kept up his harmony. â€Å"I can not chance the lives of my men, who are not many enough, or the demolition of my boats which are imperative, by a too-ill-advised assault. The foundation of an Enclosure will quarter my setbacks in a definitive assault, howsoever troublesome it be. The military purposes behind that I ventured to clarify yesterday.† â€Å"Well, well, I am not a military man. For this situation, you guarantee me that what appears to be evidently and clearly right is, as a general rule, wrong. We will permit that. However your alert shoots a long ways past that. In your subsequent correspondence, you mentioned fortifications. What's more, these, against an adversary poor, little, and boorish, with whom you have had not one' encounter at that point. To want more powers the situation being what it is would enjoy nearly of insufficiency or more terrible, had not your prior vocation given adequate evidence of your strength and imagination.† â€Å"I thank you,† said the general, icily, â€Å"but I would advise you that there is a contrast among intensity and visual deficiency. There is a spot for an unequivocal bet when you know your foe and can ascertain the dangers at any rate generally; yet to move at all against an obscure adversary is strength in itself. You should inquire as to why a similar man runs securely over a snag course in the day, and falls over the furniture in his room at night.† Brodrig cleared away different's words with a slick tease of the fingers. â€Å"Dramatic, yet not agreeable. You have been to this brute world yourself. You have what's more this adversary detainee you indulge, this dealer. Among yourself and the detainee you are not in a night fog.† â€Å"No? I implore you to recollect that a world which has created in seclusion for two centuries can not be deciphered to the point of shrewd assault by a month's visit. I am a trooper, not a split chinned, barrel-chested saint of a subetheric trimensional spine chiller. Nor can a solitary detainee, and one who is a dark individual from a monetary gathering which has no nearby association with the foe world acquaint me with all the inward insider facts of foe strategy.† â€Å"You have addressed him?† â€Å"I have.† â€Å"Well?† â€Å"It has been valuable, however not imperatively so. His boat is minuscule, of no record. He sells little toys which are entertaining if nothing else. I have a couple of the cleverest which I expect sending to the Emperor as interests. Normally, there is a decent arrangement about the boat and its activities which I don't see, yet then I am not a tech-man.† â€Å"But you have among you the individuals who are,† brought up Brodrig. â€Å"I, as well, am mindful of that,† answered the general in faintly burning tones. â€Å"But the simpletons have far to go before they could address my issues. I have just sent for astute men who can comprehend the activities of the odd atomic field-circuits the boat contains. I have gotten no answer.† â€Å"Men of that type can not be saved, general. Clearly, there must be one man of your immense region who comprehends nucleics.† â€Å"Were there such a one, I would have him recuperate the limping, invalid engines that power two of my little armada of boats. Two boats of my small ten that can not face a significant conflict for absence of adequate force gracefully. One fifth of my power sentenced to the remains action of uniting positions behind the lines.† The secretary's fingers shuddered restlessly. â€Å"Your position isn't remarkable in that regard, general. The Emperor has comparable troubles.† The general discarded his destroyed, never-lit cigarette, lit another, and shrugged. â€Å"Well, it is close to the prompt point, this absence of top of the line tech-men. Then again, actually I may have gained more ground with my detainee were my Psychic Probe in legitimate order.† The secretary's eyebrows lifted. â€Å"You have a Probe?† â€Å"An old one. An out-dated one which bombs me the one time I required it. I set it up during the detainee's rest, and got nothing. So much for the Probe. I have given it a shot my own men and the response is very legitimate, yet again there isn't one among my staff of tech-men who can reveal to me why it comes up short upon the detainee. Ducem Barr, who is a theoretician of parts, however no technician, says the mystic structure of the detainee might be unaffected by the Probe since from youth he has been exposed to outsider conditions and neural boosts. I don't have a clue. Be that as it may, he may yet be helpful. I spare him in that hope.† Brodrig inclined toward his staff. A will check whether an authority is accessible in the capital. In the in the interim, what of this other man you just referenced, this Siwennian? You keep such a large number of foes in your great graces.† â€Å"He knows the adversary. He, as well, I save for future reference and the assistance he may bear the cost of me.† â€Å"But he is a Siwennian and the child of a prohibited rebel.† â€Å"He is old and weak, and his family goes about as hostage.† â€Å"I see. However I imagine that I ought to address this broker, myself.† â€Å"Certainly.† â€Å"Alone,† the secretary included briskly, coming to his meaningful conclusion. â€Å"Certainly,† rehashed Riose, flatly. â€Å"As an unwavering subject of the Emperor, I acknowledge his own delegate as my boss. Be that as it may, since the dealer is at the perpetual base, you should leave the front regions at a fascinating moment.† â€Å"Yes? Fascinating in what way?† â€Å"Interesting in that the Enclosure is finished today. Intriguing in that inside the week, the Twentieth Fleet of the Border progresses internal towards the center of resistance.† Riose grinned and dismissed. In an obscure manner, Brodrig felt punctured.

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IKEA Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

IKEA - Case Study Example Presently, representatives need inspiration since it gives them more motivation to work, other than the way that they have to procure their fixed compensations. They have to have more motivations to get up regular, go to work and attempt their best in their assignments. It is imperative to comprehend representative conduct in light of the fact that without this, organizations would lose benefit and increase a deficiency in their yield. IKEA, a Swedish home decorations retailer, is known as the world's biggest creator and retailer of very much structured, economical, and practical furniture for the home. (IKEA: A Natural Step Case Study 1998) A Dutch-enlisted association runs IKEA and it has placed in 15% improvement every year in this previous ten years. INGKA Holding BV (the umbrella organization of IKEA) is completely possessed by the Stitching INGKA Foundation, a non-benefit establishment enlisted in the Netherlands. A great many clients visit their 378 stores in around 36 nations, with 30 progressively set to open this year. The greater part of these stores are situated in Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States. Around 11, 000 items in IKEA's line are appeared in the 80 million indexes that they disperse. Concerning the assembling itself, IKEA does this in their own creation offices with the assistance of their 2400 providers in 65 nations. IKEA likewise gloats of having a hold of representatives totaling to 36, 400. In 1943, IKEA was established by Ingvar Kamprad, at that point a multi year-old kid in Sweden. IKEA is an abbreviation containing the initials of the organizer's name (Ingvar Kamprad), the ranch where he grew up (Elmtaryd), and his home area (Agunnaryd, in Smland, South Sweden). (Wikipedia 2008) Kamprad quickly changed his endeavor into a mail request administration which sells furniture. In 1953, he opened the first IKEA showroom. His essential system was to take into account the formation of earth shattering furniture which would give clients the simplicity to build the items themselves and buy them at a moderate cost as well. Presently, the IKEA representatives are available to the clients for requests and such however the clients are allowed to choose, request, take and develop what furniture they pick. The cash spared by IKEA in consumptions was utilized to give clients limits. Not long after, the stores kicked greater and in the end off to convey eating places like eateries and recreational offices for youngsters like play zones. Kamprad unmistakably said in December 1976 that What is useful for our clients is additionally bravo over the long haul. (IKEA: A Natural Step Case Study 1998) What IKEA does Since 1990, IKEA has indicated intrigue and activity in advancing an ecological push. With their Natural Step Framework, they intend to make a legitimate ecological arrangement. The said arrangement as a result realizes changes in IKEA's items and administrations so as to fit in with their systems standards and requests. In 1992, the ecological approach was changed into an Environmental Action Plan depicting concrete and useful measures for the mid-1990s. (IKEA: A Natural

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How to Save Money on Glasses and Contacts

How to Save Money on Glasses and Contacts How to Save Money on Glasses and Contacts How to Save Money on Glasses and ContactsEyewear can get expensive in a hurry. Here are ways to fix your poor vision without breaking your poor bank account!If you want to fix your vision problems and you don’t like having lasers shot into your eyes, then glasses or contact lenses are probably the solutions for you!But both of these sight solutions can get pricey. Glasses can costs hundreds of dollars and  Contacts need to be regularly replaced or you’ll risk growing some sort of “venom” creature in your eye.One could even imagine that venom creature yelling “show time” before jumping out of your eye to cause mischief. Even worse, that could happen in a public place, like a theater. Perhaps one close to you.So how can you avoid venom  show times in a theater near you?By using these expert tips, youll be able to get more affordable contact lenses and glasses. And if you just showed up because you googled Venom showtimes in a theater near you and then somehow landed on thi s page, we feel strongly that look into affordable eye care as well.Why? Well, judging by the reviews  that movie has garnered, your desire to see it probably means you should get your eyes fixed. Do some research.It might be tough to study up if you can’t read properly due to your poor vision. But whether you need to squint a little or get a friend or family member to help out, doing your research will save you money in the long run.The first step is making sure you’re seeing the most affordable optometrist you canâ€"who still has reasonably good reviews and is board-certified. This is especially important if you don’t have vision coverage and will be paying out of pocket. And there’s a chance you may not have vision coverage, even if you have other coverage.“My agency works with Medicare beneficiaries, but my tips would really apply to readers of any age,” explained Danielle K. Roberts, co-founder of Boomer Benefits (@boomerbenefits). “I thought I would give some ins ight on this and what we tell our own policyholders because many of them don’t realize that that Original Medicare does not cover routine vision care.“I always recommend that they shop around for an optometrist that offers the lowest cost for cash-paying patients. After getting your prescription, head out the door! Without vision coverage, shopping for glasses at the doctor is often the highest cost.”Doing some additional research also means you’ll be better equipped to determine exactly what you need to get and how to get it most affordably.“Knowledge up,” suggested Scott Hamula (@shamula), Associate Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Ithaca College. “Familiarize yourself with the different measurements opticians use to describe eyeglasses; lens width and height, bridge width, and temple arm length. Then, match those indicators up with pairs that best fit your face to get a sense of the size for which to shop.”But where should you go to shop?Go onli ne.When it comes to affordable eyewear, you’re better off surfing the net than hitting the pavement.“Glasses can be expensive, especially if you buy them in store,” warned Ashli Dawn, personal finance blogger at Moolah Mogul. “A few years ago I started buying my prescription glasses online and Ive saved a ton of money.There are a number of companies that actually send you a range of glasses to try-on before you buy (and theyll usually cover shipping both ways, too). Youll need your full prescription and your pupillary distance to order online (make sure you request your pupillary distance from your optometrist.) You can technically measure this yourself at home, but your optometrist is the most accurate.”And she wasn’t the only one who emphasized the importance of getting your pupillary distance measured.“I used insurance to get my eye exam,” lifestyle blogger Erin A. Smith (@JustErinSmith) told us. “Once I got home, I used the information in my prescription releas e to order glasses from Zenni Optical. All of the glasses in the store were over $100 for one pair.I was able to buy three pairs online for less than $70. I will note that you may need to call your eye doctor to determine your pupillary distance as it is not always listed on your paperwork but they should have it on file.”Hamula offered us some additional tips for getting the best values on eyewear online: “Create an online account. This way, retailers will email you special offers on frames, lenses, or both, and typically shipping is free and your satisfaction guaranteed.“Place items in your cart and WAIT. Retailers will email you both a reminder that you have items in your cart AND they will typically offer you an extra incentive offer to ‘buy now.’ Also, search online for discount codes just to be sure youve got the best ones before buying.”But of course, you need to be careful when it comes to your eyes.Make sure they’re legit.Saving money is vital, but if your eye wear isn’t going to properly fix your vision, what’s the point of spending the money at all?Although it might be nice to support online mom and pop glasses and contact lens warehouses, if the company doesn’t have much of an online presence, you should consider that a bad sign.Look for online reviews when making your decision, and choose a place with an actual customer service line if possible, so you can connect to an actual person if your contacts or glasses are late.Hopefully, these tips will help you get the affordable eyewear you need. Unless you weren’t able to read it, in which case, we’re sorry.Weve written tons of posts that aim to help people save money. (One way to save tons of money? Steer clear of predatory no credit check loans and short-term bad credit loans like title loans, payday loans, and cash advances!) If you want to learn more about saving money, check out these related posts from OppLoans:50 Places That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your BirthdayHere†™s How to Save on Movies Now That MoviePass is Probably DoneThe Broke Person’s Guide to Dating4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Groceriesâ€"While Still Eating Healthy!What are your best strategies for snagging affordable eyewear? We want to hear from you! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.Visit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedINContributorsAshli Dawn is the owner and founder of  Moolah Mogul. A reformed overspender, she is passionate about financial literacy, helping people crush debt, and making budgeting fun. When shes not behind her laptop, you can usually find her at the park with her husband and 2-year-old son, eating Indian food at her favorite local restaurant or with her nose in a book. She currently resides in North Carolina.Professor  Scott Hamula (@shamula) is the chair of the Strategic Communication Department and program director of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) major at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.Danielle K. Roberts is a founding partner and senior executive at  Boomer Benefits (@boomerbenefits), a national agency specializing in Medicare-related insurance products since 2005. Serving thousands of Medigap policyholders in 47 states, Boomer Benefits helps baby boomers learn the ropes regarding Medicare.Erin Smith is a 20-something lifestyle blogger from Maryland. Her blog,  Erin A. Smith (@JustErinSmith), shares her passion for beauty, food, and travel. She also enjoys using her platform to bring attention to topics like miscarriage and mental health in order to create positive conversations for change.

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Torture and Terrorism in the Modern World

Torture is the act of inflicting severe pain to force someone to do or say something. It has been used against prisoners-of-war, suspected insurgents, and political prisoners for hundreds of years. In the 1970s and 1980s, governments began to identify a specific form of violence called terrorism and to identify prisoners as terrorists. This is when the history of torture and terrorism begins. While many countries practice torture against political prisoners, only some name their dissidents terrorists or face potential threats from terrorism. Torture and Terrorism Around the World Governments have used systematic torture in conflicts with rebel, insurgent, or resistance groups in long-running conflicts since the 1980s. It is questionable whether these should always be called terrorism conflicts. Governments are likely to call their non-state violent opponents terrorists, but only sometimes are they clearly engaged in terrorist activity. Examples of torture used by governments around the world include the Israeli Supreme Courts License to Torture ruling, Russias use of torture techniques in the Chechnya war, and Egypts torture of both domestic and foreign terrorists. Interrogation Practices Considered to be Torture The issue of torture in relation to terrorism was raised publicly in the United States in 2004 when news of a 2002 Memorandum issued by the Justice Department for the CIA suggested that torturing Al Qaeda and Taliban detainees captured in Afghanistan might be justified to prevent further attacks on the U.S. A subsequent memo, requested by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2003, similarly justified torture on detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center. The UN has a clear definition of torture, as determined by a General Assembly resolution that dates to 1984. A scandal erupted in the U.S. media in 2004 when photos from the Abu Ghraib prison surfaced, proving that the American military has been engaged in some practices that break with this resolution.  It has since been proven that America uses several specific torture techniques when questioning prisoners. It was reported by The New Yorker that these techniques turned deadly at least once at the Abu Ghraib prison. Legislation Since 9/11 In the years immediately preceding the 9/11 attacks, there was no question that torture as an interrogation practice is out-of-bounds for American military personnel. In 1994, the United States passed a law prohibiting the use of torture by the American military under any circumstances. Furthermore, as a signatory, the U.S. was bound to comply with the 1949 Geneva Convention. This specifically prohibits torturing prisoners-of-war. After 9/11 and the beginning of a Global War on Terror, the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and other offices of the Bush Administration issued a number of reports on whether aggressive detainee interrogation practices and suspending Geneva Conventions is legitimate in the current context. These documents include the 2002 Justice Departments torture memo, the 2003 Defense Department Working Group Report, and the 2006 Military Commissions Act. International Conventions Against Torture Despite ongoing debates about whether torture is justified against terrorism suspects, the world community finds torture repugnant under any circumstances. Its not a coincidence that the first of the declarations below appeared in 1948, just after the end of the Second World War. The revelation of Nazi torture and science experiments performed on German citizens in World War II produced a global abhorrence of torture conducted by any party  Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã‚  but especially sovereign states. International Conventions Against Torture1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights1948 European Convention on Human Rights1955 Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights1969 American Convention on Human Rights1975 World Medical Association Declaration of Tokyo1975 Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Torture1984 Convention Against Torture Sources Bybee, Jay S., Assistant Attorney General. Memorandum for Alberto R. Gonzales Counsel to the President. Standards of Conduct for Interrogation under 18 U.S.C. 2340-2340A, Office of Legal Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice, The National Security Archive, The George Washington University, August 1, 2002, Washington, D.C. Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Office of the High Commissioner, United Nations Human Rights, OHCHR, December 10, 1984. Mayer, Jane. A Deadly Interrogation. The New Yorker, November 6, 2005. UN expert alarmed at Israeli Supreme Courts license to torture ruling. Office of the High Commissioner, United Nations Human Rights,  OHCHR, February 20, 2018. Wines, Michael. Chechens Tell of Torture in Russian Camp. The New York Times, February 18, 2000.

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Compare And Contrast Farewell Address - 1951 Words

Fifty-four men make up an elite club of those who have been the President of the United States of America. With the bad and good, liberal or conservative, old or young; these men have shaped the creation of these United States and to a further extent, played a vital role in building the world we know today. Our Presidents have welded enormous responsibility and power as they faced the problems of the nation and world as a whole. One of the most influential and effective tools of the president is when they address the nation and world. Presidential speeches have affected markets, changed nations perspectives and redirected the efforts of 320 million Americans with the utterance of just a couple lines. Among the many speeches given by†¦show more content†¦Eisenhower entered office eight years after the conclusion of the Second World War just as the United States was beginning to assert itself as the world’s most powerful nation post-war. Eisenhower faced diplomatic and militaristic threats and concerns with the continued rise of the rival Soviet Union. He declared a new status towards Nuclear weapons for the country with his â€Å"New Look† policy and was involved with many international communications and covert options. NASA was created under his orders and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 defending the Little Rock, Arkansas disputes. As the formative President of the United States, George Washington faced a unique challenge in the departure of his office. Just as he had spent his entire presidency setting precedents for future leaders, his actions at the very tail end of his public service would play an essential role in leading us as a nation forward. Washington was forced to consider the implications of his departure on term limits, the role of the United States in the international community, and the continual building of strength in the American democratic system. The United States is still, at this time, in the budding stages of a new democracy. As the nation had done previously, the people continued to look at the father of our nation and first president for guidance. Washington also knew that theShow MoreRelatedTo An Athlete Dying Young, by A.E. Houseman and Crossing The Bar, by Lord Alfred Tennyson1101 Words   |  5 Pagesof the laurel describes the athlete’s courage. In Greek mythology, the strongest warriors were given a wreath made of the laurel plant which is a symbol of victory and courage. Houseman uses the laurel to signify the young athlete’s victories and compares him to an Olympians, who were the mightiest of warriors. But then he contradicts himself by saying that the laurel will not last forever, and it will wither faster than the rose which is known to have a life span of over hundreds of years. The symbolsRead MoreComparing The Work Of Two Artists1425 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay compares and contrasts the work of two artists working in Australia since the 1960s on the t hemes of migration, diaspora or cross-cultural heritage. It discusses themes explored in their work and what issues these artists face in presenting their work in Australia? The first work by Kathy Temin, ‘My Monument: Black Garden’, 2010/11 whose background as a descendant of the Holocaust is compared and contrasted to Imants Tillers, Diaspora Series, 1992-96, a series created partly in responseRead MoreThe Separation Of Church And State During The Colonies1312 Words   |  6 PagesWinning can be defined as not losing and losing can be defined as not winning. So what this question is asking in if one person won more than someone else lost. Winning and losing are not the same thing thus they can’t be weighed that way. Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, especially in regards to the specific powers granted by each to the national government Constitution: Congress has right to impose taxes on individuals Federal Court System CongressRead MoreCompare and Contrast United States Foreign Policy After the First World War and After the Second World War. Consider the Periods 1919-1928 and 1945-1950.1973 Words   |  8 Pages Mr. Corcoran AP American Research Paper 4/1/10 Compare and Contrast United States foreign policy after the First World War and after the Second World War. Consider the periods 1919-1928 and 1945-1950. United States foreign policy has always been characterized by a commitment to free trade, protection ofRead MoreEruopean Expansion4283 Words   |  18 Pageswith the Indians. What specific developments illustrate that the English living in the plantation colonies tried to apply these lessons? Select any combination of two of the three colonial settlement areas (South, New England, middle) and compare and contrast them. Focus on the motives of their founders, religious and social orientation, economic pursuits, and political developments. To what degree was the government of Massachusetts Bay simultaneously theocratic, democratic, oligarchic, and authoritarianRead MoreAmerican Revolution and Study Guide Essay example5377 Words   |  22 PagesIndians. What specific developments illustrate that the English living in the plantation colonies tried to apply these lessons? (25 pts) 2. Compare and contrast the ways in which tobacco and sugar affected the social and economic development of colonial America (10pts) Chapter 3 Study Guide â€Å"Settling the Northern Colonies† 1. Compare and contrast the motives of the their founders, religious and social orientation, economic pursuits, and political developments of TWO of the early colonialRead MoreU.s. American And Chinese Education Practices2852 Words   |  12 Pagespeople communicate with others through their culture or beliefs that they were taught by their parents or the environment surrounding them. This essay focus on the How does U.S. American, and Chinese teaching methods and educational practices compare and contrast? Child rearing practices determine their knowledge of their experience in education practice in either Chinese or U.S. American. China and the United States are considered large countries in terms of their size and population; they both haveRead MoreThe Economic Impact On The Economy2326 Words   |  10 Pagesrecover. Compare with the US that remains the economic giants. After nearly 10 years of economic recovery, we can see long term effects in banking, politics, housing and employment. So, what has been going on politically and economically in Europe? And what will we estimate about the economy of the US and Europe prospect 5 plus years from now? The right answers are not simple, so let me explain. First at all, what has been going on politically and economically in Europe? How does it compare with theRead MoreAn Inspiration to Young Writers: Ernest Hemingway Essay1979 Words   |  8 Pageswounded after being struck by a mortar shell in Italy and returned home (Lost Generation). The effects of the war on Hemingway’s mind and body played a huge role in short stories that he wrote, but also on possibly his most famous novel of all time, A Farewell To Arms. In an interview with Matthew J. Bruccoli, Hemingway listed the following writers as influences on his own work: Ring Lardner, Sherwood Anderson, Ezra Pound, and Gertrude Stein (Conversations with E.H.). It is safe to say that Hemingway’sRead MoreShakespeares Use of Language in Antony and Cleopatra Essay1847 Words   |  8 Pagesintention to die like a queen. The structure of the play encourages the audience to compare the two death scenes. This emphasises Cleopatras royalty as the royal aspects of her death are accentuated in contrast with Antonys farcical death scene. However Cleopatra is not always content to fill her role as queen and this continues the theme of identity that runs throughout the play. In contrast to her death scene there are times in the play where Shakespeare presents Cleopatra

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The Film Gattaca Is Genetic Discrimination - 1584 Words

A theme in The film Gattaca is genetic discrimination. In the aseptic society Vincent lives in , life is genetically restrained even before the individual is born so that each person gets the â€Å"best possible start†. The sterile environment captures a strictly controlled ambience favouring genetic perfection above anything else. It is a society that overpowers human desire and human relationships. This becomes apparent through the mechanical robotic characters that live in Gattaca. Traits such as personality, beliefs, values and morals are useless. Identity in gattaca is seen in solely defined by one s individual status as a valid or invalid. Other than this nothing else is relevant.The starting scenes in the film sets an atmosphere of controlled physical excellence. Vincent is shown shaving and exfoliating his skin.Vincent gathers a stray hair d from his keyboard and the space director acknowledges his admirable cleaning habits, To which Vincent believes is â€Å" next to godliness†. There are extreme close-ups of human matter used in Gattaca to show how the environment in which Vincent lives emphasises the importance of DNA. Those who are considered perfect among the society are often set back by a lack of aspiration; this idea of perfection comes from one s individual values influenced by a corrupt society.Vincent is considered a god child due to having no genetic advantage from birth, Vincent is an alien concept to the genetically modified world. A test such as aShow MoreRelatedEssay1073 Words   |  5 Pagesconclusion of the film provides the only hope in an otherwise bleak world. Discuss with specific references to elements of film. The film Gattaca is a dystopian film directed by Andrew Niccol which is released in 1997. The movie portrays a society not far from now where people have lost the hopes and believes on their own human fate and will. In this society, most people are the products of genetic engineering and their worth is measured only by their DNA contents. The film also portray the lifeRead MoreGene and Vincent958 Words   |  4 Pagesprejudice and courage developed in the film GATTACA? Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol, is set in a future where science, and not religion, has taken over society. A new form of discrimination has arisen, called genoism, discrimination according to one’s genetic purity. The story follows a man named Vincent Freeman who was born as a god child this means he was genetically inferior to people born with the aid of technology. Vincent faces extreme genetic discrimination and prejudice, making it harderRead MoreGattaca And The Short Story1713 Words   |  7 PagesThe film GATTACA and the short story, â€Å"Nine Lives,† exemplifies the ethics of altering human life at the genetic level, through techniques of genetic engineering. Throughout GATTACA, the ability to create improved, even superior forms of human life as a positive development through eugenics is shown as well as arousing questions about the moral implications of such engineering. The main protagonist in GATTACA, Vincent Freeman, battles with the discrimination o f being an â€Å"invalid† in a world of â€Å"valids†Read MoreThe Philosophy of Gattaca1383 Words   |  6 PagesThe Philosophy of GATTACA David Harris 21 August 2011 GATTACA is entertaining despite an immersion in technology and philosophy. Viewed strictly as entertainment, the film consistently delivers great characters, is well-written and has well-delivered dialogue, with a quick paced and fascinating plot. The philosophy of GATTACAs society is explored through examples of genetic essentialism/determinism, discrimination, and the exercise of free will through our characters early yearsRead MoreGattaca Is Genetic Discrimination?1543 Words   |  7 Pagestheme in gattaca is genetic discrimination. In the aspetic society Vincent lives in ,ones life is genetically restrained even before the individual is born so that each person gets the â€Å"best possible start†. The sterile environment metaphorically captures a harsh authoritarian ambience favouring genetic perfection above anything else. It is a society that overpowers human desire and human relattionships. This becomes apparent through the mechanical robotic characters that liv e in Gattaca. TraitsRead MoreEssay about Future Concerns - Gattaca and Fahrenheit 4511562 Words   |  7 Pagesthe film ‘Gattaca’, directed by Andrew Niccol and novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury explore futuristic societies and the implications that become of their innovation. Although entertaining, texts such as these are didactic and must be taken seriously, as they communicate messages to audiences regarding prevalent concerns and possible futures based on society’s choices. ‘Gattaca’ (1995) directed by Andrew Niccol, follows the story of the underdog Vincent, who is challenged by genetic discriminationRead More1984 And Gattaca1074 Words   |  5 PagesFilm director Andrew Niccol’s science fiction thriller Gattaca and author George Orwell’s politically scientific book 1984 employ a variety of textual techniques to explore the themes of control and freedom. The context of a dystopia is used in both texts to portray how dogma’s within society’s constrict the freedom of individuals. Niccol discusses the consequences of the pursuit for perfection in the â€Å"genetically perfect† society of Gattaca. Similarly, Orwell analyses the subordination exhibitedRead MoreSimilarities Between 1984 And Gattaca976 Words   |  4 PagesIn the dystopian worlds created by the film director Andrew Niccol and renowned author George Orwell, notions of control and freedom are explored. Both worlds contain an overarching power th at governs the rest of the population and restricts freedom of individuals, these powers also aid in the progression of technology, which further act to control individuals. The characterisations of the protagonists of each text portray the lack of freedom from the perspective of those that are affected. BothRead MoreEugenic Decision-Making1489 Words   |  6 Pageswhich parental free choice is valued. Gregory Stock’s essay, The Enhanced and Un-Enhanced, presents otherwise by supporting the position of maximalist eugenics, allowing individuals the full extent in the selection of genes. On the other hand, the film, Gattaca, raises major ethical problems by illustrating a dystopian society resulted by extensive eugenic decision-making. While both opposing views presents reasonable and valid arguments, the critique of eugenics will be well-debated in the foreseeableRead MoreGattaca Is A Dystopian Society1330 Words   |  6 PagesAt first look, the world of Gattaca seems like a Utopia. Their development in genetic modification is so advanced that illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases or disorders based upon genetics are greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether. Endeavors like the Olympics or other athletic competitions would be pushed to entirely new heights as the athletes are literally designed to surpass our current limitations. Science could be advanced even further as the modifications allowed

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Othello and King Lear A comparison Essay Example For Students

Othello and King Lear: A comparison Essay If Shakespeare was alive today it is certain that there would be a lotwritten about him. We would read reviews of his new plays in newspapers,articles about his poetry in the literary papers, and gossip about his love lifeand his taste in clothes splashed across the glossy magazines. His views abouteverything under the sun, from the government to kitchen furniture, wouldprobably appear regularly in the colour supplements. His face would be familiaron television talk shows, his voice well-known from radio broadcasts. Therewould be so much recorded evidence about his life and his opinions that it wouldnot be hard to write about him. Shakespeare, however, lived some four hundred years ago in the reign ofQueen Elizabeth I, when there was no tele-vision or radio, nor even anynewspapers as we know them today. Although he was respected as an importantperson in his own lifetime, nobody ever thought of writing about him until wellafter his death. And Shakespeare did apparently not believe in keeping a diaryeither. So it is largely by luck that the little evidence we have, such as theentry of his birth in the parish register, has survived at all. And yet, by looking carefully at contemporary pictures, by readingcontemporary accounts, it is possible to get a good idea of how the boy whosebirth is recorded in the Stratford register of 1654 grew up into the man whowrote such famous plays still known all over the world, as we type. English