Saturday, February 22, 2020

Performance Management and Organizational Goals Research Paper

Performance Management and Organizational Goals - Research Paper Example It is important to understand that efforts imparted at every level of the organization need to be in accordance with the goals and values of the organization. Clarity in communicating organizational goals makes it possible for the employees to understand what is expected of them ultimately making their efforts more focused and directed. however, organizations need to support the employees in developing skills and expertise through training activities, setting SMART goals, creating a strong organizational culture, giving them ownership of their work and providing them with adequate tools and equipment to perform well. Thus the relationship between performance management and fulfillment of organizational goals is a direct one which implicates that higher performance management activities are bound to fulfill more organizational goals. There are several drivers to hone employee performance for example technology, strategy, industrial relations, organizational restructuring, change and risk management, management implications etc. for my organization that consists of an apparel manufacturing business, technology ranks the highest amongst these drivers. This is because like every manufacturing business, the end result that is desired I that of production efficiency. By employing the latest technology and imparting adequate raining regarding its use, employees are bound to perform better at work. Workplace satisfaction may also be affected subsequently as the employees feel they are being provided with valuable training that helps them develop their skill set (Gray, 2011). As far as the organizational goals are concerned, it is important to align each sub-goal with the overall strategy. For example, the apparel manufacturing facility selected for this case aims at becoming a recognized name in the local market for the production of baby clothes. For this purpose, the marketing activities need to be directed towards projecting the brand as

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Research Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Research Plan - Essay Example The CVS chain has recently been unfavourably in the public eye because it was found to be selling drug products that were expired and thereby violating health codes. The goal of this research study is to derive an answer to the research question: â€Å"Why do people go buy their goods in Duane Reade rather than CVS?† It appears likely that the negative publicity that CVS has gathered about selling expired products could be one of the salient reasons why customers are preferring Duane; however it is also likely that other factors such as store layouts, their convenient locations to arrangement of goods within the store, prices, customer service or quality of goods could be the factors motivating customers instead. The objective of this study will be to determine why customers appear to be preferring Duane; whether there is more than one reason for such a choice and if so, what are the factors that are leading to such a preference? In order to arrive at an understanding of the factors that could be propelling customers to make such a choice, it would first be necessary to carry out an exhaustive review of the literature that is available on customer service, product quality, marketing, good business practices, ethics in business, the importance of complying with Government regulations and similar aspects that would provide background information which would be valuable in arriving at an answer to the research question. This comprehensive study of the literature would not only help to identify salient factors that may affect customer shopping preferences, it may also help identify additional factors which are peculiar to the New York region, such as targeting ethnic groups who form a sizable portion of the population, more so than those present in the states where CVS markets its goods – although these states are also primarily in the north-eastern part of the United States. Once the